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"The Little Grey that Matters"

is a Cinematic VR animation about a cognitive thought´s journey through brain and mind.  

”The Little Grey That Matters” is a Cinematic VR series offering a fairy tale about the inner conflict between Love & Fear playing out inside our minds. An allegorical fairy tale where anatomy is mixed with Norse Mythology and the characters are personified neurons, hormones and cognitive thoughts.  It is the story of ”Gullveig” a cognitive thought and dream-designer at the department of Fantasy, located in the prefrontal Cortex.  One day she is summoned by Odin, the king of NeoCortex, to the Pineal Gland on top of the ”Reality Generator”, where she is surrounded by the Assembly of “the Old Wise Neurons”. Odin informs her of the destructive plans of Queen (of fear) Hel of the Hindbrain: to capture the Will with her army of Stress-hormones, and become the supreme leader of consciousness. Gullveig then embarks on an epic journey with a dangerous Quest: to sail the brainwaves through Brain and Mind, to save the Will from enslavement in Amygdala: the ”Cauldron of Fear”. Through the journey Gullveig learns why she was the chosen one to conquer fear and save the Will.

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Norn is a VR content production company focused on cinematic Immersive storytelling for the edutainment and educational marked.


Through the process of narrative creation with storytellers and technologists, from the fields of animation, game, drama and digital film special effects, Norn is exploring opportunities for content narratology provided by the development of technology. We intend to deliver new groundbreaking audience experiences in collaboration with a cross-disciplinary group of collaborators, clients and scientist.

Norn Studio offers immersive cinematic storytelling and high end educational content that fills a gap in the marked. We create opportunities, development and new relationships with all types of audiences and individuals in one of the most evolving and fast paced field of today.




As the mental Battle between love and fear is leading up to a Doomsday prophesy, a single cognitive thought has been chosen to free the Will, but has no idea how...

It is high time and Civil war has struck the mind, which is ruled by the United Kingdoms of Yggdrasil. Balance between the Kingdoms has suffered through a great winter and the dark forbidding figure of Hel, Goddess of the underworld and ruler of the Hind-Brain, is on the rise to power. With the help of her siblings of Fear, the Wolf of selfishness and the Serpent of Greed, Hel the Queen of Pride has stolen the Will and seed to Yggdrasil and its protectors, the Norns of Fate, have been slain. About to overthrow the government, her NorAdrenalin Army of stress hormones is gathering and constructing a vast and massive Inter-Cranial Highway to Hel... The brain is to be subject to a new mind order, and while the Will is enslaved in Amygdala ´s great halls and about to grow in the darkness of fear, the dark Queen of the basic instincts is on the search for the one piece that will ensure her reign of power; the hidden key to consciousness....

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